Providing comfortable dentistry through sedation and anaesthesia, in London Ontario.

Dr. Lacombe’s sleep dentistry philosophy provides a relaxed, serene environment and patient-centred approach. Eliminating pain, discomfort and anxiety, our practice redefines the dental experience and will change your perception of visiting the dentist. We believe every patient deserves to feel comfortable and calm during any dental treatment.

From the peaceful lounge to our mindful patient care and procedures – our dental practice is as unique as each patient we treat. This is our approach to comfortable dentistry.

Patient Care

Our patients understand the value of the comfortable dental experience sleep dentistry offers. They enjoy the serene environment, calming preparation and pain-free treatment that only sleep dentistry can provide.

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Referring Dentists

For Dentists with patients who require special care for specific procedures in London, Ontario Dr. Lacombe can provide sleep dentistry procedures as required, after which the patient returns to their regular dentist for regular dental care.

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